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Enough hot air to melt the snow

Gov. Mark Warner (D) says on the one hand, he wants to "restructure" the Commonwealth's entire tax code in order to raise more tax dollars. (So that - presumably - Richmond can "give" more of our state taxes to cities and counties to use for K-12 education. Go figure.)

But on the other hand, he says, it would be just terrible to repeal our 16% Death Tax right now (partial relief in 2004, gone in 2005).

But hey, Governor! If we're going to be "restructuring" anyway, why not go ahead and sign the repeal? If the Death Tax comes back when we "restructure," we'll deal with it then.

Answer: Because he knows there isn't actually going to be any "restructuring." Delegates and Senators running this fall on pro-tax-hike platforms? Then sweeping into Richmond next January to raise our taxes?

I doubt it.