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Governor Amends Budget; Vetoes Repeal of Death Tax

In a March 24 press release, Governor Mark Warner announced 67 budget amendments and the veto of the General Assembly's repeal of the death tax. In deciding to veto repeal of the death tax, the Governor ignores its support by small business owners, family farmers, preservationists and those hoping to grow our way back to a propsperous economy. The Governor's veto seems to be the start of a major effort on his part to raise taxes under the guise of tax restructuring. Growler readers learned a few days ago that the Governor doesn't favor "revenue neutral" tax restructuring. Even the dean of Arlington's Richmond delegation, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, acknowledged to the Arlington County Civic Federation on March 4 that any tax restructuring should be "revenue neutral" since "the entire issue is too complex." According to the Washington Post, the House of Delegates is sure to override the veto, but Sunday evening, "over an Executive Mansion dinner of filet mignon and spinach pasta" the Governor wooed the Senate's 17 Democratic senators. Apparently it worked for at least one, Senator "Toddy" Puller of Fairfax, who now says, "I've learned more about (the legislation)." For information about the two bills involved (HB 2490 and SB 1123), visit the General Assembly's Legislative Information System. More information is available from Virginians for Repeal of the Death Tax.


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