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Tax more, waste more

Here's what County Manager Ron Carlee (the me, my, and I of the County Manager's memo) wants to do if the County Board hikes our taxes by 15%:

My Fiscal Year 2004 Proposed Budget is balanced at current tax rates. A number of strategic initiatives are also proposed which do not require additional tax support. However, a number of unfunded priorities have been identified for which additional funding would be needed. These priorities include, but may not be limited to, housing grants for homeowners, affordable housing investment, environmental health services, real estate assessment and administrative support staff, arts grants and living wage proposals for contractors.

I would recommend that ongoing funding would be needed to pay for these types of program enhancements, rather than any one-time funds identified as part of mid-year and/or third quarter reestimates. I think it is important to consider these unfunded priorities in conjunction with the advertisement of the tax rates for both real estate and personal property.

The proposed budget also reflects an increase of 15.2 % in the overall assessments of real estate for Calendar Year 2003. Attachment I provides more details on these changes.

The proposed budget allocates funding for the Schools based on the Revenue Sharing Agreement, 51.4% of net local tax revenues for the County, 48.6% for the Schools.

That's right, you got it. "Ongoing funding" - that is, high taxes forever - for
"arts grants," "living wage" projects, and other "priorities."

This reads more like something from ultraliberal Santa Cruz, California than Arlington, Virginia. We need to show these people the door, ASAP.