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Do you know how much taxes you really pay?

Neal Boortz, author and libertarian talk-show host, forcefully argues in a recent column posted at WorldNetDaily, that most people have no idea how much they pay, especially in Federal income taxes. That's especially true, he agues, for those who get refunds, but even many who have to write a check to the IRS on April 15 have no idea how much they really pay the Federal guvmint; some will even answer the amount of the check. Boortz says it's by design, arguing that "Politicians know that if those who pay federal income taxes knew what they were really paying, there would be an instantaneous tax revolt." According to Boortz, withholding was sold to Americans during World War II as a temporary measure, but the war has been over for 58 years, and withholding is still with us. And the liberals wonder why so many people don't trust goverment?


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