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For Virginia's Tax-and-Spenders, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

For all the talk about raising taxes in Virginia, even from the Governor's Mansion where the Governor has suggested that taxes should be restructured to provide additional money for education, almost no one is ponying up any additional money into Virginia's Tax Me More Fund, says an article in today's Virginian-Pilot. According to the story, all of $400 has been collected since the fund was established by the 2002 General Assembly. Contributors can even have their name listed on the on Virginia's Department of Taxation website, but as of a few minutes ago when I checked, there were no names listed. Is it possible the educrat suuporters of sales tax advocate Delegate Jim Dillard (R), who the newspaper quotes in the story, are not willing to pony up their own money? Guess they prefer having guvmint redistribute the income of the rest of us.


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