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Start Working for Yourself This Week

Whether you already filed your federal tax return, or if you are waiting until the deadline tomorrow night, you have a few more days of working for guvmint this year. "According to Tax Foundation calculations using the latest government data on income and taxes, Tax Freedom DayŽ in 2003 will be celebrated on April 19th. That is the same date that Tax Freedom Day fell on during 2002, but 8 days earlier than in 2001, and 11 days earlier than in 2000." Their calculations for 2003 show the overall tax burden is 30.0%, and includes the federal burden (74 days of work to pay taxes at an effective tax rate of 20.3%) and the state/local burden ((35 days to pay the taxes at a rate of 9.7%). Visit their website by clicking-on the link above, and download the entire report.


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