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Federal Challenge to Nevada Supreme Court Case

The Nevada Supreme Court decision in which the Court ruled that one Constitutional requirement (in this case the funding of education) takes precedence over another Constitutional requirement (that tax increases be passed by a 2/3, or super, majority) has been challenged in the United States District Court for Nevada. The suit was filed by the Claremont Institute Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence on behalf of Nevada taxpayers. According to today's Las Vegas Review-Journal, a restraining order "put a temporary halt to the Legislature's move to raise taxes." For precise details about the suit as well as citations to the legal arguments, readers can follow the case at Eugene Volokh's website. [See the 6:06 pm entry, plus earlier ones, for Monday, July 14, 2003] Because of the importance of this case to taxpayers everywhere, we will update Growls periodically with the status of the case; the first Growls entry about this decision was on July 12, 2003.


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