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Nevada Supreme Court to Taxpayers: Nyet!

In what the Las Vegas Review-Journal called a "stunning decision," the Nevada Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, July 10, that only a simple majority of the state's legislature is needed "to pass record tax increases to balance the state budget and fund education." A press release from the National Taxpayers Union notes that in 1996, citizens passed a constitutional initiative that "requires either a 2/3 "supermajority" vote of the State Legislature or a majority vote of the electorate in order to increase state taxes." According to the newspaper, "The justices ruled that the need to fund public schools, another constitutional requirement, took precedence over the need to approve tax increases by a two-thirds supermajority." Apparently, the justices consider themselves uber-lelgislators. In an editorial, the same Review-Journal wrote that the Court, "drooled all over the state Constitution, wadded it up and tossed it in the trash. UCLA Law School professor Eugene Volokh, at his website The Volokh Conspiracy, calls the cout's decision "one of the most appalling judicial decisions I've ever seen." You can also link to the court's decision there.


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