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Should Taxpayers Subsidize Baseball in Arlington?

Will Major League Baseball make their decision to move the Montreal Expos baseball team to the nation's capital later this month? Will they choose a site in the District, or will they choose one of five sites identified by the Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority? Whichever site is selected by MLB, the executives of MLB will sure to have their hands out looking for taxpayer subsidies. A policy paper from the National Taxpayers Union strongly argues that public funding of sports stadiums are nothing but a ballpark boondoggle. Do taxpayers support subsidies? The paper cites a 1997 poll conducted by Rasmussen Research, which found that taxpayers oppose such subsidies by wide margins. In the Rasmussen poll, 64% of taxpayers opposed support while less than 25% supported such taxpayers support. For more information about the proposed baseball stadium in Arlington, ACTA members can visit the website of NoArlingtonStadium.org. Today's Washington Time contains a front-page story on the various issues related to bringing MLB to the Washington area.


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