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Flushing Tax Dollars at the Arlington County Sewage Treatment Plant

Three years ago, the Arlington County Board approved a public art policy that provides for setting aside 1% of capital improvements for so-called public art. County management is planning a $250 million, or more, expansion of the plant, and according to a report in the August 22, 2003 Washington Post, "The county will spend an estimated $2 million . . . on public art. The plant is on South Glebe Road, south of Crystal City. On Wednesday evening, August 20, the county invited residents to meet the artist and "discover its artistic vision for the Arlington County Water Pollution Control Plant." According to the Post story, the artist's "plans include erecting trellises to cover tanks filled with partially treated sewage, planting rooftop gardens on new structures and adding interpretive kiosks to describe how the plant works. There would be a nature center and an observation turret that could serve as an 'environmental beacon' for the neighborhood -- lighting up on 'bad air' days." The Arlington Way is dead; long live "Government for the Government by the Government Paid for by Guess Who?"


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