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Spending it 'For the Children.' Right!

A year or so ago, it was popular for supporters of the public schools to use the slogan "for the children" to justify the need for increasing taxes. Apparently, some school board members in Oakland County, Michigan were intent on spending some of the taxpayer money on themselves, too. According to reporting by the Detroit Free Press [today (8/26), yesterday (8/25), and last Friday (8/22)], Michigan's governor now "has joined calls for members of the Oakland School Board of Education to resign amid reports of extravagant spending by the board and some top administrators." For example, the assistant superintendent for research was two weeks shy of resigning her $119,000 a year job when she took an 18-day trip to Poland, billing the school district half of the trip's $2,660 cost. The school board even approved "giving $50,000 to the City of Detroit for its 300th birthday bash in 2001." Talk about "Government for the Government by the Government paid for by Guess Who?" The ol' Taxpayers, of course. [For many more examples of such outrageous spending, be sure to read the Detroit Free Press' Friday, August 25, reporting]


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