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Out-Migration from Arlington County: Taxes and More Affordable Housing as Causes

In the July issue of our newsletter, The ACTA Watchdog (available on the website under 'links'), we cited taxation as a cause of the out-migration of higher income taxpayers out of Arlington County to be replaced by the in-migration of lower income taxpayers. Using IRS county-to-county migration data, we attributed the imbalance to taxes. Now, Jim Bacon, publisher of Bacon's Rebellion, has taken another step in the analysis of the IRS data. In his lead column for the September 8 issue of Bacon's Rebellion, he adds another cause for the migration, concluding that taxpayers are also able to acquire more housing as they migrate to exurbia, or as he shows people migrating south along I-95. We encourage you to read Jim's thoughtful analysis, which should give the County Board something serious to think about -- having raised property taxes on the average residence by 62% over the past four years, and also for those pushing to restrict the amount of lot coverage for Arlington property owners.


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