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Seattle Voters "Scald" the Latte Tax

By a margin of 2-1,Seattle voters yesterday turned back an initiative to tax expresso-based drinks. According to today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the tax would have added 10 cents to each such drink with the taxes earmarked for "preschool programs and continuing education for teachers." Two people interviewed by the paper sound like they may be ready to take up residence in Arlington County, though. One said he left the voting booth without casting a vote, saying it was too hard to decide. While he said he could afford the tax, he thought it was "the wrong solution, but the right problem to tackle." Another man said the "rediculous" initiative is yet another example of Seattle becoming the "People's Republic of Seattle." As if to prove their sense of humor, the headline writer for today's Seattle Times said the latte tax was "creamed."


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