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A Taxpayer Wish List for 2004 from NTU

Mother may have been right when she said, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." That said, it's still nice to look at the taxpayer-friendly wish list developed by the National Taxpayers Union, and see that the first item on their list is the Fair Tax, which would repeal the income and payroll taxes, as well as abolish the IRS. Rep. John Lindner (R) of Georgia now has 42 co-sponsors for his bill, which is H.R. 25. The Senate version, S. 1493, is sponsored by Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R), also from Georgia. Other taxpayer-friendly legislation on the NTU list includes H.R. 3220, which would establish a clear test to determine when states may collect business activity taxes and H.R. 3358, which would balance the federal budget by 2009, combat waste, fraud and abuse, and impose spending safeguards. We urge taxpayers to contact their federal legislators to urge them to sign on as co-sponsors of any, or, better yet, all of the legislation on NTU's 2004 taxpayer wish list.


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