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Ban on Internet access tax dead for this year

According to a November 26 story in the Chicago Sun-Times, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) has been told that nothing will happen this year on the bill he was sponsoring "to permanently ban taxes on Internet access." As the Sun-Times noted, "The ban, first passed in 1998, prevents state and local governments from taxing Internet access services" and "also limits state and local governments' ability to levey taxes that target Internet commerce." Concerned Arlington taxpayers are encourage to contact:

U. S. Senator John W. Warner (R) [ senator@warner.senate.gov ]

U. S. Senator George Allen (R) [ http://allen.senate.gov/email.html ]

U. S. Representative James P. Moran (D) [ jim.moran@mail.house.gov ]

The Sun-Times noted that Ohio Senator George Voinovich, at the behest of state and local governments, opposed extending the ban "saying it would curb states' authority to tax existing telecommunications services." When are the politicians going to begin worrying about taxpayers ability to pay taxes rather than worrying about the income of government?

When you write, tell them that ACTA asked you to contact them.


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