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Feel Overtaxed Now? Wait until the United Nations starts taxing you.

People who have been closely watching the Democratic presidential nominations know that Howard Dean (D) repeatedly promises to repeal the Bush (R) tax cuts. That's bad, but wait until the U.N. becomes involved. In a very informative op-ed in today's Washington Times, which should really serve as a call-to-arms for those concerned with American sovereignty, Daniel J. Mitchell, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, identifies a list of proposals aimed at redistributing more of the money of American taxpayers. One of them is an international tax organization. According to Mitchell, some think "it's unfair for America to have lower taxes than places such as France and Germany, especially if it means jobs and investment flee Europe's welfare states and come to America." That's not the worst, though. He adds, "the prize for the worst U.N. idea probably belongs to the proposal to give governments permanent taxing rights over emigrants. You see, the U.N. thinks it's unfair when talented people leave high-tax socialist nations and move places such as America."


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