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The Governor's Plan to Raise Taxes: Is Someone Cooking the Books?

Back on December 3, ElGrowlerGrande raised the question of whether Governor Warner's (D) plan to raise taxes was a lot of smoke and mirrors. After studying Paul Goldman's column, "White Men Can't Jump" at Bacon's Rebellion, the conclusion one draws is that they can sure cook the books. The story's lead reads, "the fun stuff is front-end loaded while the bad stuff comes after (the governor's) gone." As the Growler noted on December 3, the governor is betting on convincing 65% of Virginians that they will "pay less in their overall tax burden." Goldman admirably points out, though, that a lot of that burden will be removed through elimination of the car tax, which won't occur until Fiscal Year 2008. Furthermore, he points out, the money for the car tax payments will go to the governor's political base in Northern Virginia, and will come from the sales tax and cigarette tax, "which fall disproportionately on less affluent, largely rural Virgnians." This is why, Goldman says, the Roanoke Times calls the governor's plan "anti-rural."


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