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The Governor's Tax Plan: Smoke and Mirrors?

Last week, Governor Warner (D) unveiled his long-in-the-making plan to increase Virginia taxes. ACTA members can certainly expect Growls to have much more to say about the details of the plan after we start looking under the hood. The General Assembly is expected to spend most of it's "long session" in 2004 digesting the tax restructuring. Right now, the govenor is jetting around the state telling anyone who will listen that only the rich will be paying more taxes under his plan. How else to describe the constant emphasis that "65% Pay Less?" When Governor Warner lobbied on behalf of increasing Virginians' taxes by more than $1 billion at Falls Church's Italian Cafe on November 25, he used a black felt tip pen to write "Tax reduced for 65% of Virginians" on a white board for all the press and an "invitation only" crowd to see and to assure the story would get the proper spin on the nightly TV news and in the next day's print reporting. Is the governor overselling his "65% solution?" According to one informed source, "Sixty-five Spells Defeat." In an op-ed for Spectator.org, J. Pepper Bryars. a press secretary and speechwriter for Alabama Governor Bob Riley, takes on "the notion of further shifting the cost of government from the many to the few." He notes that Alabama voters recently defeated by a 2-1 margin a plan to increase their taxes by more than $1 billion even though tax proponents promised that "70% of Alabamians will pay less." Watch this space for more on Governor Warner's plan to increase your taxes.


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