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Time to get PBS and NPR off the leftist gravy train?

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) was formed in 1967 -- long before the Internet, cable television, VCR, DVD, and DirectTV -- when there may have been some justification for providing tax subsidies for such voice and video programming. In a hard-hitting op-ed in yesterday's Grand Forks Herald in North Dakota, John Berthoud, president of the 350,000 member National Taxpayers Union, writes, "Tax dollars from wealthy, middle-income and lower-income Americans have gone to subsidize programming whose audiences is disproportionately upper-income. The time has come to end the gravy train of taxpayer dollars."

Voice your opposition to the use of your tax dollars for such programming by writing Virginia Senators John Warner or George Allen, or to Representative Jim Moran (contact information for the representatives are in yesterday's blog entry for the Internet access tax). You can also provide comments directly to PBS (follow the "PBS" hotlink).


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