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What kind of a businessman is the Governor?

Both before and after his election, voters were told that Governor Warner (D)was a businessman. Presumably that was important so that he could bring his business acumen to bear on state government in order to make it more efficient. Rather than raise prices to increase sales revenues, a company can increase its profits by increasing sales. That's the point being made in an editorial in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch ("Why Not Sunday?"). According to the editorial, "Amid all the talk of the state's budget and the Governor's tax-revision plan . . . little has been said of two simple steps that might help ease the financial situation, at least at the margin." The two steps include first opening the ABC stores on Sunday since Sunday "has become the second biggest day for retail activity." An even bolder move would be to sell the ABC sales division, which the Wilder government-reform commission has already recommended. Unfortunately, neither step is even being discussed, which the paper says "makes one wonder what the state's leaders have been drinking."


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