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Antiquated tax system? No, it's spending that's out of control!

Politicians such as Governor Mark Warner (D) who are beating the drums to raise taxes, under the guise of tax reform, describe the current system as being so antiquated. Don't buy that argument, though. What he, and his tax-and-spend buddies both in government and big business don't seem to understand is that since coming to power in January 2002, state spending has increased by $2.5 billion, despite claims they've scrubbed the budget by $6 billion. This mythology is thoroughly documented by the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance in two separate web documents (see their tax bulletin and press release). In addition, the General Assembly's House Appropriation Committee outlined a series of alternatives that legislators could use to cut the budget without the need to raise taxes. Some were described in last Friday's Washington Times. Finally, this past Sunday, state Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R) defined the real problem in a Washington Post op-ed in the paper's Outlook section. He wrote, "Between 1992 and 2002, state government grew at a whopping annual rate of 8.2 percent, while personal income grew by only 4.1 percent annually. Before raising taxes, Virginia's General Assembly needs to learn how to control it's urge to spend our hard-earned dollars.


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