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Assessments Continue to 'Shock 'n Awe' Arlington Property Owners

If the Arlington County Board does not significantly lower the real estate tax rate in Arlington, county property owners will see their real estate taxes go up 74.2% in four years. That's according to this week's Arlington Connection newspaper in an article that quotes several Arlington homeowners and realtors. In a helpful table of average prices and tax rates, the Connection notes that the County Board would have to lower the real estate tax rate to 83.6 cents per $100 of assessed value (almost a 15% cut) to offset the increased assessment on the average single-family residence. Since the Board only lowered the rate by 3 cents in 2002 when assessments went up 16.6%, such a significant reduction is not likely unless property owners bring a great deal of pressure to bear on the five County Board members. To contact the Board, use the link at the right to obtain phone numbers and addresses.

Remember: assessments don't raise taxes, politicians raise taxes!


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