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Hogtieing Politicians?

Yesterday's Northern Virginia Journal featured an article about politicans who sign pledges that they will not vote for tax increases, and the difficulties some have in abiding by the pledge. According to the article, "Forty-one of the 140 cirremt Virginia legislators, including 10 Northern Virgnians, have signed the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge." The pledge is administered by Americans for Tax Reform. The article focuses on one particular politician, Senator Russell Potts ((R) from Winchester who has co-patroned Republican Senator John Chichester's bill that would raise Virginians' taxes even more than Democratic Governor Warner's well-publicized tax increase (see several entries below). Potts signed the anti-tax pledge in March of 1997, but, according to the Journal, he "has introduced a measure to hike the cigarette tax from 2.5 cents to $1 per pack." A copy of the pledge and the list of Virginia's pledge signers are available at the ATR website.


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