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Talk Back to Governor Warner

The 2004 General Assembly officially opened earlier today. This evening Governor Warner gave legislators his keynote address, and "exhorted" them "to pass his tax reform plan," according to NewsChannel8. Let's stop right there! It is NOT a tax reform plan, but rather a plan to increase the taxes of hard-working Virginians. NewsChannel8 contributes to the governor's myths, e.g., they reported the governor said he had already cut "close to $6 billion in budget shortfalls over the past two years." That is simply not the case. Based upon numbers from the latest report of the General Assembly's own Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC), the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance (FCTA) reports that is just another of the myths surrounding Governor Warner's marketing of his plan to increase taxes. According to a FCTA press release, "Since Governor Warner took office in January 2002, state spending has increased by $2.5 billion, from $23.5 billion in FY2002 to $26 billion in 2004." In an interview later in the evening on NewsChannel8, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R) said Virginia's state government "has to live within its means," and that there is "a spending crisis, not a tax crisis." NewsChannel8 also interviewed Arlington County Board's current chairman, Barbara Favola (D), after the governor's speech. Some of Ms. Favola's remarks included saying that Virginians "are not by any stretch overtaxed and also that taxes need to be raised if Virginians "want ti be a first-class state."

Sign the NoTaxHike petition: You can talk back to Governor Warner by signing a petition posted by the NoTaxHike coalition Tell the Governor that state taxes are high enough. The website is sponsored by Virginia State Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R).


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