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Arlington Taxpayers Being Set-up by County Board for Repeat of Prior Years?

This coming Saturday the County Manager will present his proposed budget to the County Board and to the community. It marks the start of the budget season in Arlington. Based upon an article in the February 4-10, 2004 Arlington Conncection, however, it appears that the County Board is set to give taxpayers a sop by cutting the real estate tax rate by 'a cent or two.' In the article, Board member Paul Ferguson first tells the Arlington Connection, "I can tell you, the tax rate will be cut." However, three paragraphs later, Ferguson says, "It's always the case that you have people saying Arlington is not doing enough," but in the same breath he continues, "There a very small number of people saying we should do less and cut the tax rate." Anticipating this, ACTA's president is quoted in the article saying, "What they've done in the past couple years, they've been almost cynical, they only cut the rate one or two cents."


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