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Cavuto Talks Common Sense About Class Warfare

A lot of the primary candidates this year spend a lot of time bashing the rich. In an op-ed in today's Washington Times, Neil Cavuto says, "There's nothing classy about pitting one group of people against another . . . Because truth be told, this isn't about us and what we're paying. It's about the government and what it's keeping." He ends by saying, "You make more in this country. You pay more in this country. It was that way before the president's tax cuts. It's been that way since the president's tax cuts. It's amazing to me that bureaucrats who live off the system are bashing the guys who give 'em the sustenance."

For evidence of how much the rich really do pay, look at the table on the National Taxpayers Union's website of who pays income taxes, and who pays what. For example, in 2001, taxpasyers with adjusted gross incomes above $292,913 pay 34% of personal income taxes while those with AGI's above $127,904 pay 53%.


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