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How did previous Arlington County Boards respond to skyrocketing real estate assessments?

A letter to the editor in this week's issue of the Arlington Sun-Gazette (February 12) provides Arlingtonians an historical perspective of how responsive previous County Boards were in reducing the real estate tax rate when confronted with skyrocketing real estate assessments. The letter is written by Wayne Kubicki, a member of the county's Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, and an anti-tax activist. For example, Kubicki's research showed that during the three years, 1979-1981, assessments increased 14%, 23%, and 21%, respectively. In response, those Boards produced double-digit rate relief in all three years: 16 cents (11% cut), 17 cents (13%), and 16 cents (14%). Since ACTA's ad currently running in the Sun-Gazette has the Kiljoy character saying, "assessments don't tax people, politicians tax people," one really has to wonder what kind of pretenders are currently sitting in the leather chairs reserved for County Board members.


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