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Longing for the Good ol' Days?

Last week, we happily Growled about the historical perspective on real estate tax rates provided in a letter to the editor of the Arlington Sun-Gazette by anti-tax activist Wayne Kubicki where he showed the large tax rate cuts previous Boards made when assessments were skyrocketing. This week's edition of the Arlington Connection interviewed two Arlington County Board members from those by-gone years when Board members were actually responsive to skyrocketing real estate assessments. Unfortunately, their comments do not hold out hope for similar reductions by the current County Board. For example, Ellen Bozman said, "There have been so many changes in the community now. Expectations are much higher." Sounds like cover for the current crop of five tax-and-spenders on the County Board. If you haven't told them how they should vote on the real estate tax rate later this year, please do so (see link to the right) . You can also tell them at the March 25 tax rate hearing; for more information, contact ACTA's president. Tell them ACTA sent you. And then sign up for ACTA membership.


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