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Will Oregon vote get attention of Virginia's General Assembly?

In a referendum titled Measure 30, Oregon voters have told their governor and legislators enough is enough. An AP story says, "In convincing fashion, Oregon voters turned aside warnings about damaging state budget cuts as they resoundingly rejected a proposed $800 million tax hike" yesterday. According to the latest numbers, with 80% of the voted counted, the measure was being defeated by a margin of 60% NO to 40% YES. According to a related story in the Oregonian, opponents of the measure were seeking "to put a leash on legislators spending." Even without the additional jack, "the state will boost overall spending by about $1.6 billion, or 4 percent in the next two years." As former state Senator Gene Derfler (R) noted, "Legislators will look and scrounge around to find another pot of money to provide more programs."


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