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Your taxes are going up!

Residential assessments for 2004 increased an average of 17.0%. Taxes on the average residence will increase by that same percentage unless the County Board significantly reduces the tax rate later this year. The tax rate is currently $0.978 per $100 of assessed value. Single-family residential property accounts for 56% of the total real estate tax base. In comparison, it comprised 54% of the tax base in 2003 and 52% in 2002.

Last year, assessments increased 17.3%, and after much public agonizing and soul searching, the County Board reduced the tax rate just 1.5 cents, which still increased tax collections by 15.5%. We’re sure they’ll be planning the same stunt again this year.

Tired of this shell game? Then call, write, or email the County Board. Tell them to reduce the tax rate just enough to cover inflation, (at least 10 cents). Encourage your friends and neighbors to do likewise, and tell them ACTA sent you.

Arlington County Board
2100 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 300
(Courthouse Metro) Arlington, VA 22201
703-228-3130 703-228-7430 (FAX)
Email: countyboard@co.arlington.va.us


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