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Paying more for unleaded in Arlington (water, that is)

By now, most Arlingtonians know that Arlington issued a warning last week about lead in county's water supply. The story came out in the Wednesday, March 3, Washington Post. However, the following day, the March 4, weekly edition of the Sun-Gazette carried the story, written as of Monday morning, March 1, "Officials: Lead is not a Problem, Contamination is an Unlikely Threat" on page 7. But, as the Washington Post story noted, "As late as midafternoon yesterday, the county's Web site carried the headline, "Lead not a Concern in County Water."" Nevertheless, Arlingtonians will be paying more for their water later this year. At its February 21 meeting, the Arlington County Board voted to propose raising the water/sewer rate by 17% -- from $5.30 per thousand gallons to $6.20 effective May 1, 2004. The Manager's report to the County Board (Adobe Reader required) about the rate increase warned "Additional rate increases in the next few years will be necessary due to . . . improvements needed to meet environmental needs and regulatory requirements." The bottom line -- beware of warnings made by Arlington's Pooh Bahs.


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