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Two Ex-Govenors Say: Let the People Decide

Quoting from today's Richmond Times-Dispatch, "Because the people of Virginia were promised their taxes would not be raised, we believe our fellow citizens deserve an opportunity to vote by referendum before such broken promises are enacted into law," Wilder and Allen, Wilder's successor as governor in 1994, said in a joint statement." By "broken promises," the two former governors were referring to Gov. Mark Warner (D) and several senior legislators in the Virginia Senate, which is currently controlled by Republicans. Mr. Wilder also said, "The effort to exclude the everyday citizens from the tax debates has been so successful that the voice of the hardworking taxpayer is hardly being heard in Richmond today," according to today's Washington Times. The Virginian Pilot's story included the following from House Speaker Willaim Howell (R): "If the governor feels so strongly about these historic taxes, the people ought to have an opportunity to weigh in."

If you haven't already done so, please tell your state legislators how you feel about increasing state taxes. Need the address or phone number of your legislator in Richmond, contact ACTA.


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