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April 16, 2004

Latest Poll Shows Majority of Virginians Not Willing to Fork Out More Taxes

In a new poll of 812 Virginians, reported in today's Hampton Roads Daily Press, "48 percent "said the state needs more money to fund core services like educationeducation and public safety. Fourty-four percent said the state already gathers enough cash." As Delegate Phil Hamilton (R-Newport News) put it, "There's no defining, overwhelming mandate." Delegate Tom Gear (R-Hampton) added, "I've had a lot of people talk to me about the budget, more than I was expecting . . . I knew it was going to be high, but not that high."

April 15, 2004

NTU Study Finds "Web of Tax Complexity"

If you thought your federal tax return was more complex this year, you were not likely wrong. According to the press release describing a comprehensive study released today by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union, the time required for the average American to prepare the 1040 'long' form with the three common Schedules A, B, and D requires 28 hours and 30 minutes, an increase of 34% since 1995. The study notes that over the past 10 years, tax complexity has added about one billion hours in annual paperwork burdens. If you prefer, you can access NTU Policy Paper 113 directly.