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Arlington County Board 'Takes From Peter, Gives to Paul'

As expected, at their meeting on Saturday, the Board voted to hike the local cigarette tax by 300%, from a nickel per pack to 20 cents a pack, reports today's Washington Post. Not to be outdone, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will vote on Monday to hike their own local cigarette tax by that same amount. Last week, we suggested the Board is doing nothing but putting meaning into the socialist phrase 'redistribution of income.' According to the Post, the county's finance director said "the cigarette tax would help the country diversity its tax base" because "(l)ocal governments are limited on the taxes they can raise." The Board also promised that the cigarette taxes would be used to reduced the real estate property tax, which they estimated would be equivalent to a $0.007 cent reduction in the tax rate. We'd give you the link to the Board report for this agenda item, but the just redesigned their website, and the links for the report are not available at this time.


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