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Government Poohbahs Seem Unaware of Huge Federal Deficit

Yesterday, I growled about officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs who bollixed a computer system at the VA hospital in Bay Pines, Florida. Today's example of government in action, however, comes in the form of corporate welfare courtesy of the five members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They received the Porkers of the Month award from Citizens Against Government Waste for approving "a plan to swap airwave spectrum with Nextel Communications at a below-market price. According to CAGW, "Nextel is trading its fragmented, non-nationwide spectrum . . . worth $1.2 billion, in exchange for prime nationwide spectrum . . . estimated to be worth as much as $7 billion." CAGW concludes, "In a time of record budget deficits, the FCC is clueless as to how much money an auction would bring in for taxpayers."


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