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Liberal Editorial Finds More Cases of Government 'Underfunding'

On June 25, ElGrowlerGrande pointed to a Richmond Times-Dispatch article that had reported that Senator John Chichester (R), the primary architect of the largest tax increase in Virginia history, had signaled that a tax hike would be likely in the 2005 General Assembly in order to 'fund' the Commonwealth's transportation needs. Now comes the Roanoke Times. In a July 12 editorial, the paper writes that while the "next big budget battle will be over transportation," there is "more work" needed in other areas; they cite higher education as a "glaring example." Even though the General Assembly provided an additional $275 million for higher education in the biennial budget that started July 1, the paper claims Virginia's colleges and universities are underfunded (a variant of unmet needs!) by millions of dollars. Unfortunately, the paper seems to arrive at that figure by comparing the state's per capita support to the national average.


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