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Need, Greed and Class Conflict

You know that liberals are reaching into your pocket when they begin talking about unmet needs. When taxpayers balk at being plundered once again, the liberal spendthrifts complain that conservatives are greedy. Gary Galles, an economics professor at Pepperdine University, puts it nicely in this paper, "The greed of the fatcats is nicely contrasted with the 'need' of the middle-class and the poor." Then, he adds, "And so with these two little words we recreate a Marxian-style drama of class conflict based on human motivation." In his screed on the subject, Galles writes, "The problem with using need in any analytical sense is that it assumes away an essential aspect of economics -- the fact that in a world of scarcity, choice is unavoidable . . . calling something a need adds nothing but confusion to the analysis."


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