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Activists, Zealots and the 'Good Things' They Do

ACTA members know the newsletter editor is a special fan of Thomas Sowell, based upon the frequency with which he sprinkles quotes from Sowell's writings throughout the Watchdog. Sowell recently completed another installment about the "tyranny of visions," and it is rich with insights that are likely to make it into ACTA's newsletters. In his October 15 column, posted at Townhall.com, Sowell writes about California's "busybodies with a vision of the world in which it is necessary for them to force other people to do Good Things." A recent ruling requiring motion sensors in new or remodeled homes draws his ire before writing, "Good Things have costs, often costs out of all proportion to whatever good they might do. But notions like trade-offs and diminishing returns seldom deter zealots, whose own egos are served by their zealotry in imposing their vision, however costly or counterproductive it may be for others."


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