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Another Government, but the Same Greedy Meals Tax Scam

One reason Arlington County's grand poobahs may like the significant turnover of residents is that it reduces the collective memory of Arlington citizens. The effort of the Courthouse Gang's brethren in Isle of Wight County, detailed in yesterday's Virginian Pilot, provides an opportunity to remind Arlington citizens of how Arlington's political elite slipped the noose of a meals tax around our necks. When the meals tax was being debated in the General Assembly, the late Senator Warren Stambaugh (D) managed to add a floor amendment, which enabled the Arlington County Board to avoid having Arlington citizens vote in a referendum since he knew the Board would vote unanimously (key legislative provision) to implement the meals tax. Like their NoVaville breathren, Isle of Wight County poobahs are being disingenuous about the the meals tax. According to the Virginian Pilot, the Administrator says, "We're just trying to be on a level playing field with our municipal neighbors" whose politicians don't need citizen approval to collect the meals tax. Or his deputy who said, "We're trying to capture revenue from people who visit but don't live here." Although liberals like to blame anti-taxers as the greedy ones, this sure sounds like government greed to me.


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