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Arlington County Still Excluded from Virginia Democracy

Yes! Another chance to talk about how Arlington's political elite slipped a tax noose around the neck of Arlington taxpayers. Next Tuesday, voters in Hanover County will vote on a 4% meals tax, according to today's Richmond Times-Dispatch. As we wrote a few days ago, Arlington County voters were prevented from voting by legislative maneuvering (a floor amendment allowing Arlington's County Board to avoid a referendum if the Board voted unanimously for the tax) in the General Assembly. Never the less, Henrico County's bureaucrats use the same, sorry logic to justify the tax. For example, they say that $1 million of the $2.5 million expected to be generated by the tax "would be paid by commuters and visitors to Hanover." Gee, that sounds like what Arlington poobahs tell us when we complain about the meals tax.


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