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'Dwindling Value of Personal Responsibility'

In the Outlook section of today's Washington Post, Melanie Scarborough describes another giveaway of taxpayer money. She writes about Virginia's FAMIS program (Family Access to Medical Insurance Security), which she says "allows middle-class parents to foist the expense of their children's medical care onto the state's taxpayers." The program is available to parents earning as much as $37,700 -- 200% of the poverty limit for a family of four. She notes that "no one seems to question whether the additional tax burden is necessary. It has become an article of faith that private health insurance is unaffordable," and then cites examples of how inexpensive health insurance for children can be. After noting that Governor Warner (D) boasts of making it easier to enroll in FAMIS, Scarborough says there should be two additional questions on the application, i.e., whether the family subscribes to cable television and whether they have a cell phone. If so, the parents are spending on nonessentials, and thus shifting their responsiblity onto the backs of all Virginians.


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