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Helping Liberals Understand the Concept of 'Paying Your Fair Share'

During the three presidential primaries this fall, how many times did you hear Senator John Kerry (D) talk about the need for the rich to pay their 'fair share,' or some such variant? We have growled on several occasions about the share of income taxes Americans pay accoridng to income levels, but liberals and their leftist brethren never seem to grasp the concept that the rich already pay their fair share. The problem for those on the left is describeed thusly by Gerald Dudley in a column posted today at The American Thinker, "The left, which often seems obsessed with equality of outcome, regardless of effort, talent, or merit, makes one huge exception to this imperative: tax payments." Then he asks, "Is that fair?" Dudley notes that data is readily available for any American to test whether "the middle class tax filers are actually subsidizing the tax responsibility of the 'rich.' Rather than scream about the rich not paying their 'fair share,' the left should ask why government is so greedy. In Arlington County, they can start their research at the Courthouse.


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