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Just Talk, or Can Arlington County Do It, Too?

News out of Prince William County is their Board of Supervisors took action yesterday "to keep any future property tax increases below 6 percent," as reported in today's Washington Post. Surely Arlington County can do better since it is a "self-proclaimed ". . . world-class residential, business, and tourist location in the world's most influential region . . ." As the Post noted in its Metro section, Prince William County "has raised taxes repeated to pay for new schools, roads and other services in the fast growing county. While supervisors have reduced the tax rate in recent years, rising property values have meant big percentage increases in homeowners' tax bills." As we reported a few days ago, Arlington County Manager admitted in a September 8 memo that county spending has been growing at a 7.4% clip since the late 1990's, or in his words, "The challenge we face is the long-term economic sustainability of the community." It doesn't appear the County Board's chair is ready to sign-off on capping property tax revenue increases at 6%, though. At a candidates' debate this evening, she was quick to point out that Prince William receives more from the state than does Arlington. Poor excuse, but that seems to be her position.


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