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2005 Assessments: Can Arlington Home Values Go Any Higher?

Most Arlington taxpayers are probably stil recovering from sticker shock this evening after getting their 2005 real estate assessment notice in the mail today. According to the County, the average single-family residence increased an average of 24%. This year, renters will likely be feeling the pinch as well since the value of multi-family residential property increased by 15.5%. The value of all other commercial property increased by 7%. For more information such as the assessment process or how to appeal your assessment, visit the County's Office of Real Estate Assessment. You can check the value of neighboring properties here. The Arlington County Board will not set the tax rates that will apply to the 2005 assessments until April. However, more than ever, it is important that each and every property owner contact the County Board to emphasize to them how important it is that they make meaningful cuts in the real estate tax rate this year, and not the puny one or two cent cuts they have made over the past several years (see links to the right).


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