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Another Cupcake, Please

The Washington Times began their Wednesday, January 12 report on a press conference sponsored by anti-tax activisits in Richmond with, "Anti-tax groups today will urge the General Assembly to finally eliminate the unpopular car tax this year as they give "No Car Tax" cupcakes to each legislator arriving for the session's opening day. The groups' members said they will demand that lawmakers use a projected $919 million budget surplus to eliminate the car tax or give Virginians other tax relief." Both the Times and the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on bills their sponsors hope to get passed in the 2005 session. Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R) from Fairfax "said he will push for limits on state spending that would restrict increases to population growth and inflation" while Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R) from Prince William "is sponsoring a bill to jump-start repeal of the local tax on personal motor vehicles" (i.e., the car tax). Not surprisingly, news about the press conference got buried deep into the Washington Post's coverage of General Assembly politics. The Virginian Pilot chose to focus on the appearance at the press conference of Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), and wrote, "Norquist said Republican lawmakers who supported the (2004 $1.4 billion) tax increases are 'foolish people' who were misled by (Governor Mark) Warner (D) into thinking the state faced a financial crisis." You can see an Adobe copy of ATR's "Least Wanted" poster of those Republican lawmakers who voted for the $1.4 billion tax increase.


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