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For Some Enough is Never Enough

Yesterday's Virginian Pilot reports that Governor Warner's (D) 3% pay raise for state teachers will not satisfy the Virginia Education Association (VEA), the teachers' union, which "is pushing for a 5% increase." According to the paper, Delegate John Welch (R-Virginia Beach) "criticized the VEA's 5 percent request. It's never enough for them,' he said. 'They're never satisfied. Their priority is not the children of Virginia. Their priority is money.'" While some may be critical of that view, as the paper points out, "Last year, the General Assembly doled out $1.5 billion in new money for education. Although there was no state-mandated pay raise, many local cities used the extra money for raises." As if to prove the view of Delegate Welch, the paper also notes, "But even if the 5 percent raise was approved, teacher groups say they would press school boards and city councils to do more." The education unionist are also pressing their greed throughout the Commonwealth as evidenced by this article in today's Winchester Star, which notes similar demands of the teachers' unions in Winchester and Clarke and Frederick counties. Unfortunately, leaders of the government schools seem to buy into those increases. For example, the superintendent of the Winchester schools, where teachers got 4.5% raises last year and are now seeking 5% raises, was quoted saying, "It's a reasonable request, but whether we can meet that or not is the issue.


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