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Message to Virginia's Pols: You're Shortchanging Us!

With a $900 million surplus staring them in the face, the big question for Virginia's 2005 General Assembly is whether they will return it to its rightful owners, Virginia's taxpayers. Melanie Scarborough's op-ed in today's Washington Post puts the issue so clear that even the tax-and-spend members of the General Assembly and the Governor's office can understand: "If you hand over $10 to pay for an item that costs $8.50, you expect to get change back. If a clerk pocketed the difference instead, most Virginians would be outraged. Yet some state lawmakers would see nothing wrong with such a practice." She then identifies programs that are "redundant or obsolete." She closes with "No one sent taxes to the state treasury with instructions to keep the change." It seems clear enough to me!


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