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Property taxes - "Gift that Keeps Giving to Politicians"

Earlier this week, we growled about property taxes, and included a link to a relevant USA Today article. A related article in USA Today on Tuesdday noted that moving to a small town offered no escape from property taxes. The paper featured the case of the founder of Virginians OverTaxed on Residences (VOTORS), and noted that the nation seemed poised last year to launch a nationwide revolt over property taxes. According to the expert cited in the article, "The revolution fizzled -- in almost every state." However, he added, "The beautiful thing from a political perspective is there's not a lot of incentive to do anything . . . The politicians aren't raising tax rates, but they're getting new property tax revenue (because of rising home values). This kind of system is the gift that keeps giving to politicians." Not happy with the amount of property taxes you're paying to Arlington County, join ACTA in the fight for limited government at the local level!


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