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Virginia's Politicians: Doing What They Do Best

Earlier this week, we 'growled' about a report in Tuesday's Richmond Times-Dispatch because one pol was forgetting that Virginia's taxpayers have been overcharged, and we weren't getting back any change. Thursday's Times-Dispatch reported, "A surprise waterfall of tax collections has left lawmakers thirstier to spend the extra dollars in an election year." The paper noted the budget-writing committees want revised revenue projections before revealing their spending plans. The paper then noted that "More money available means more appropriations for some of their pet projects, a prospect even more appealing and pressing in an election year for all 100 seats in the House of Delegates." As California's Governor Schwarzenegger was recented quoted, "We don't want to feed the monster. We don't want to feed the state -- the public sector -- and starve the private sector. We want to feed the private sector and starve the public sector." Take heed Virginia politicians!


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