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Will higher property taxes lead to widespread tax revolts?

That was the basic question of a report in today's USA Today that said, Homeowners in many metropolitan areas are bracing for another round of higher tax bills as a hot real estate market and other factors push property taxes to new levels." Citing US Census numbers, the paper notes that property taxes were up 7.9% in the first nine months of 2004. They also noted that "property owners in at least eight states are urging legislators to limit increases in property taxes." One such state is New Jersey where legislators "are pushing for a constitutional convention to revise the tax system." Instead of revising the tax system, how about controlling the growth of government. Want to get your local politician go tongue-tied? Ask them to justify why Arlington government should grow faster than the inflation rate plus population growth! At the state level, Virginia Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R) has patroned SJ 408 that would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot.


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